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When I was young, I used to read some paleontological books and studied a lot about prehistoric topics.

My parents were sure I would become a paleontologist and, accordingly, made their best to bring me up such a way: they did plan my career, did choose the best adapted schools, did buy me the relevant books, etc.

At the age of 13th, I became autonomous and started to go my own way… until the age of 20 when I decided myself to work in the IT industry.

That was unattended but they did accept such a sudden evolution... Anyway, did they have the choice ?

I sometimes think about the efforts my poor parents made to foresee what the best was for me, regarding my old interests and situation, and the money they spent for it… This would have been useful and successful in case I would have stayed “under control”…
But they also made me autonomous and – to the contrary - did not realize that their “monitoring” wasn’t compliant with their gift of “auto-organization”.

To say it differently, prospective is interesting but shouldn’t be considered as “the solution”. It jus gives trends, emerging phenomenons, panel of "possibles", etc.

Instead, educators should focus on “how to give autonomy” and “how to pilot" the development of their offspring by leveraging the “best of breed”.

Philippe GAUTIER


PS : all that story is pure invention, except that I really wanted to be a paleontologist when I was young... ;-)