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Wednesday 27 October 2010

L'Internet des objets sert de révélateur aux limites actuelles de l'informatique

Interconnecter les objets via Internet n'est pas qu'un simple prolongement de la Toile actuelle. Car cette extension va entraîner une remise à plat des règles de conception des systèmes d'information.

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Wednesday 13 May 2009

EPCGlobal... Standardization is not THE solution (simply a part of it).

EPCGlobal set of standards are one of the best available resources one can use to address traceability issues in closed or semi-open loops.

However, I consider the current EPCGlobal vision and concepts as somehow "limited" in its willingness and capacity to address every kind of actors in any situation (too much standardization, too many deterministic views, etc.).

This is why my company is using different approaches to enhance / leverage existing solutions (artificial intelligence, decisional analysis, etc.).

What has been done on DS (Discovery Services) so far (BRIDGE project, IETF, etc.) is, to my point of view, not always adapted to the market (real life) and I really wonder whether EPCGlobal will succeed or not with such an issue.

Actully deterministic and probabilistic approaches (some of the experimented ones) are not suited to treat complexity...

Philippe GAUTIER

Tuesday 7 October 2008

Governance in the Internet of Things

You can download the full presentation in PDF file (registered and copyrighted !) : see below, at the end of the post.
Are the current approaches in Governance of the Internet still relevant with the upcoming Internet of Things ?

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Monday 29 September 2008

Internet des Objets et relations "producteurs-consommateurs"

Objectifs de cet exposé :

  • Ne pas donner une vision “boule de cristal”
  • La “révolution” à venir est trop “profonde” pour en appréhender – à date - les bénéfices les plus importants
  • Donner les clés de compréhension des opportunités à venir
  • Avoir les outils pour déceler les opportunités et bénéfices de cette “révolution”

Document déposé chez un huissier de Justice et soumis à COPYRIGHT.

Cliquez sur le lien "one attachment" ci-dessous......

Wednesday 25 June 2008

Use of “semantic approaches” : for a switch from existing EDI to « Any-to-Any communication » in the Internet of Things (and extending the current “semantic web”)

Intrinsically, the Internet of Things will be « non deterministic », complex and various although, so far, the ongoing standardization models (eg : EPCGlobal) are still apprehending deterministic value chains or processes.....
In such an environment, the use of Semantic approaches will, possibly, give a “meaning” to every kind of message and will accordingly facilitate communications whoever will be the actors, even though they have no prior interchange agreement.

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An interesting article (in French) from "LEMAGIT" : Lilian Prud'homme, Thin-Track : « pour l'Internet des objets, il faut tout repenser »

"Les développements et les technologies qui entourent l'Internet des objets et la RFID sont encore loin d'atteindre les standards requis pour une mise en production efficace. Et pour cause, les développements qui servent aujourd'hui de base n'ont peut-être pas pris un bon départ, semble dire Lilian Prud'homme, directeur technique de Thin-Track. Freinant ainsi les mises en production. Portrait en demi-teinte de l'Internet des objets et de son avancement actuel." (source : LEMAGIT)

The article (in French) at : http://www.lemagit.fr/article/internet-standards-soa-rfid/609/1/lilian-prud-homme-thin-track-pour-internet-des-objets-faut-tout-repenser/

Monday 19 May 2008

BRIDGE's may 2008 newsletter

In the BRIDGE's may 2008 newsletter, Roger Till (GS1 UK) is referring to our site and our prospective work in the field of the "Internet of Things".
See the following link :
BRIDGE Newsletter - May 2008BRIDGE Newsletter - May 2008
on page 6, 7 and 8.

Philippe GAUTIER & The I-o-T team
BRIDGE's site : http://www.bridge-project.eu/

Monday 5 May 2008

The EPC namespace and the Internet of Things (I-o-T) - PART 2

This memo is a clarification following a 24th april 2008 roundtable at the EU commission. It enlightens the former post ''The EPC namespace and the Internet of Things (I-o-T) - PART 1'' (click).

EPC_Namespace-V3_iot.pdfAlso available in PDF format (click)

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Monday 21 April 2008

Some thoughts on the “Internet of Things” or so-called “Web 3.0”

Abstract :
''Recently, Vinton Cerf made an association between the raising concept of the Internet of Things (“I-o-T” is an abstract gathering several others such as “M2M”, “sensor, mesh, pervasive or ubiquitous networks”, “EPCGlobal standards”, etc.) and the appellation “WEB 3.0” (seen in an article : www.lemonde.fr, 5th april 2008). Instead of seeing it as a new IT marketing stuff, I’ve tried to sort out what need there would be to use such a word, moreover considering that most people still don’t know what Web 2.0 is…..''

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