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Thursday 1 November 2012

Thin-Track, a disruptive innovation for the Internet of Things, based on Cyberobjects

Cyberobjects are made of : 1) physical objects / assets 2) their individual software intelligence hosted anywhere (Cloud, server, etc.)

Based on a distributed intelligence architecture, Thin-Track will make your objects / assets your assistants in the management or monitoring of your complex processes. And if your processes does not rely on any organization, Thin-Track just handles operations as they occurs and not as, ideally, they should be.

Thin-Track® is a software engine that Tracks and Traces objects in both structured and unstructured areas then significantly enhances stock or assets flow management as it exists today.

It can either be a complementary solution of existing systems : WMS, TMS, ERP, etc. ; or a stand-alone tool in case there is not any similar software in place.

Unstructured areas are generally used without formal procedures, therefore rarely monitored by any Information System : downgraded management mode, or no management at all. Such areas does not have any spatial organization: neither ground/cell references nor cheaper geolocalization possibilities.

But which can do more can do less, Thin-Track® also allows a dynamic and real-time management of structured (organized) storage areas, giving end users monitoring capabilities they couldn’t access so far.

Thin-Track - The next Internet of Things

Wednesday 25 June 2008

An interesting article (in French) from "LEMAGIT" : Lilian Prud'homme, Thin-Track : « pour l'Internet des objets, il faut tout repenser »

"Les développements et les technologies qui entourent l'Internet des objets et la RFID sont encore loin d'atteindre les standards requis pour une mise en production efficace. Et pour cause, les développements qui servent aujourd'hui de base n'ont peut-être pas pris un bon départ, semble dire Lilian Prud'homme, directeur technique de Thin-Track. Freinant ainsi les mises en production. Portrait en demi-teinte de l'Internet des objets et de son avancement actuel." (source : LEMAGIT)

The article (in French) at : http://www.lemagit.fr/article/internet-standards-soa-rfid/609/1/lilian-prud-homme-thin-track-pour-internet-des-objets-faut-tout-repenser/