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Friday 2 September 2011

What a "Warehouse Management System" could be in the Internet of Things ?....


NEWTON: space is already organized, time is a linear dimension, common to everything and objects which are populating space are studied with a prior understanding of the unique organization of the universe.

In that scheme, a WMS (Warehouse Management System) problem is: how to organize space then how to populate it accordingly - then how to find things in it - then how to realign the virtual idea of the reality (information system) with reality (since it always diverges!).


EINSTEIN/PLANCK: space isn’t organized a priori. It changes and becomes organized with the auto-organization of the objects which are populating it and time is a dimension that can change, depending on the objects, the organization of objects, etc. But organization isn’t always the same!

In that scheme, the problem of a WMS becomes: how to model the dynamic organization of objects, considering their autonomous behavior and the interoperability between them? The problem of finding them is then different: when we need to find an object, we just ask the object itself...

At www.business2any.com, that's the way we are thinking (and building) the future of the Internet...

Thursday 16 December 2010

Présentation à l'AFTERWORK ECHANGEUR spécial "Internet des objets" du jeudi 16 décembre 2010

Objets connectés, objets communicants...ou objets acteurs ?

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Wednesday 27 October 2010

L'Internet des objets sert de révélateur aux limites actuelles de l'informatique

Interconnecter les objets via Internet n'est pas qu'un simple prolongement de la Toile actuelle. Car cette extension va entraîner une remise à plat des règles de conception des systèmes d'information.

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Sunday 22 August 2010


Cette acquisition d'une société spécialisée dans les systèmes de paiement pour jeux sociaux est d'une toute autre portée que le simple ajout de fonctions économiques au futur réseau social « Google Me ».

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Monday 7 June 2010

Consultation on the neutrality of the NET by the French Government

What does Neutrality of the Net mean: in reference to what? How would one measure it? Is it even feasible? Let us try to shed some light on the subject.
Philippe GAUTIER, originally released in French @ atelier.fr, translated from French by David KUNAU

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Thursday 3 June 2010

Consultation sur la "neutralité du Net"

Que signifie véritablement cette expression, par rapport à quel concept parle-t-on de neutralité ? Comment la mesure-t-on? Mais surtout, est-elle possible ? Tentons d'y voir plus clair.

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Sunday 1 November 2009

CASAGRAS : benefits... and limits

Th European cofunded project is releasing its final reports : see CASAGRAS

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