Affichage des articles du janvier, 2012

Semantic Web, OWL and Co....

Semantic Web VS Internet of Things... any relationships ? Extract from a professional exchange I've done a few days ago..... Regarding OWL and ontology related stuff... well; I do have a very specific opinion which is, unfortunately, not shared by most of the IT people. In my humble opinion, any information has: ·         A specific meaning (why), ·         In a specific context (where, when, how), ·         For a specific (intelligent) player ("Who", with specific objectives; objectives are the only way to give a meaning to "why-where-when-how"), For example, the information "it is raining" will lead to different intelligible behaviors, whether the (intelligent) observer is: ·         About to water the garden, ·         Or to have a walk in the forest. Information Systems are just automation. In socio-technical organizations, it assists human being in their decisions or it can decide by itself in case it has been appointed for. In