Affichage des articles du janvier, 2017

'Uberization' has nothing to do with 'collaboration'... let's be serious !

Most of collaborative platforms shouldn't use the buzzword of 'collaboration'... not to mention either 'solidarity' or 'cooperation' that would lead to an 'Internet swindle'! Actually their true core activity is that of 'trusted third parties'. Accordingly, the business model they all use is to provide an 'authority', to help building trust in a community of web users (either suppliers and customers), in order to better lock a vertical market to their only profit (or the shareholder's one...). Best illustration of this paradox?... their 'market approach / strategy': almost all of them strive to have an exhaustive and centralized supply, in order to satisfy as best as possible a centralized demand (difficult to anticipate). In such an organization, mass supply stimulates mass demand via a 'top-down' approach, and the market is mostly regulated according to the interests of the regulator. In fact, their