Affichage des articles du juillet, 2012

Interview with Michel Quesnel (university professor) about the book : Internet des Objets, Internet mais en mieux (Internet of Things, a better Internet?) by Philippe Gautier & Laurent Gonzales (Afnor Edition 2001)

Kindly translated by Peter Fogg (Parramatta, Australia). Questions by… MQ : Michel Quesnel Replies by… PG : Philippe GAUTIER MQ: What stands out immediately when reading this work is that we - humans - are envisaging the creation of 'intelligent' things that will potentially be somewhat independent of our commands. Thus the necessity, in our approaches of the organization engineering, to properly set up a decision-making process that combines our own ones and those independent of us for the benefit of smart things which may not have mastered all levels of decision making. **** PG: We are effectively in the process of accelerating this process of creation/invention, without any great responsibility or control since we are working, according to me, on the basis of inappropriate design patterns, settled to describe and deal with situations in a pre-determined and idealized manner. Hence the need for a change in approach, in a world where the unexpected is to be